Homo Habilis

Homo Habilis Facts – The Truth about Them

Homo habilis is considered to be poorly defined on most established researches and studies conducted.  This occurs because of the fact that the specimen utilized to name the specie, known as OH 7 was just discovered in the year 1960. The mentioned study was then undertaken and done by Leakey tem situated at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. The involved specimen, including its designation was the main topic and subject for many controversies. This would always be included in most Homo Habilis facts given around. This occurred most especially the year after the research was pioneered, 1970.

The material was then seen in the very same region wherein A was also located. Before, boisei was been researched and it was found. There were many researchers out there who would not want to take time accepting the given material. They believed it was not sufficient to prove claims. They even said that it was different from what they were expecting. This is why it was placed to a direct ancestor of humans. This was the time when dead-end was reached.

During that time, the specimen was only subjected to intense study. This was undertaken by the team of Louis Leakey. The same is also true with Philip Tobias and even John Napier. All of them were around in the process. They were even responsible in placing materials as different and far from that of penecontemporary australopithecines. This happened because of their teeth. These fee out which was then called A. africanus. This came with their huge incisors. The name was recommended way back by Raymond Dart. This was meant to be handy man.

Leaky further believed that the discovery – habilis to be more precise, was only a direct coming from a certain human ancestor – the erectus. This is how they were pictured. Homo habilis on the other hand was only accepted as species. This was still in question though. There were two species for such. Homo – whether it would be rudolfensis or habilis. Sometimes, I could not be described. They lived even before the 2.0. This was the time when they were openly accepted as that of direct human ancestors. Since then, they continued to push back so that they can go again to most paleontological record. This made Homo become modern humans.

Other problems were encountered during the research. Basically, there were individuals out there who see the so called KNM-ER 1813 as perfect, or at least near to that, erectus. This only differs for the reason that they go with a really small brain, even in size. This is why it might be an erectus that was only in the small scale of it. This is perceived in a wide array of traits. It might have belonged even to the ergaster. There were ancestors who have to believe erectus being different from others. The questions about such were now closed. They were waiting for new specimens in order to open new possibilities for this.